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Young girl sell virginity

Anytah, young girl sell virginity

Anytah contacted our agency some time ago because she would like as a young girl sell virginity and also stay a few more days with the client so he can also teach her more about all the feeling of vaginal pleasures. She is looking for a real GFE...that inclued her defloration.
She is a 25 years old student from Morocco. She had some "flower sex" experiences and liked it very much. She decided to sell her virginity to finance her next studies stages. Of course she will provide a medical attest about her virginity.
The agency will be part of this big adventure to guarantee that everything is genuine and that all parties will just have to think about fun. The price of this experience is

18'000 US$

What is included and what will be the process:

1.If you are interested in Anytah's offer, just get back to the agency
2. We will agree on date and place (you pay for all expences and travel cost)
3. Once we agree you will be requested to make a downpayment to the agency of 4500 US$ to secure the transaction.
4. At the beginning of the meeting Anytah will show you her certificate that attest her virginity. If you prefer, you can also go together to a doctor to have this confirmed.
5. If you wish to enjoy this experience unprotected (for a upgrade of 5000 US$) you can by the same time make both a health test.
6. Once all checks are done you will pay the balance in cash to a member of the agency. Once you confirm that defloration has been made the agency will pay the money to the girl.
7. You will stay 3 more days with Anytah to enjoy more of your GFE.

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We will achieve all your fantasies!

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