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Terms and Conditions

Dear clients,

Travel Lady is a long duration escort agency. Based in Switzerland, the company is managed by:

Steinemann Consulting
Verger en Joran 10
2074 Marin-Epagnier
Web : www.travel-lady.com
Email : manager@travel-lady.com
Mobile phone/Whatsapp : +41 79 845 56 16
Skype : premium.escape




As this type of activity is legal in Switzerland, Travel Lady practices this business entirely legitimately over the whole of the territory of its country of residence.
In organizing the transfer of our models to countries other than the agency’s country of residence, Travel Lady shall take note of all information and appropriate measures it judges necessary to respect the laws and regulations in force in the destination countries.
For reasons of national legislation exclusive to France, Travel Lady is unfortunately under the obligation of refusing all forms of services or transfers over French territory.
Our team of models may include young women domiciled in France; please note that these models do not exercise any activities in their country and are available only for encounters outside of France.



The respect for the private sphere and identity of our clients is for Travel Lady an absolute priority. For this reason, we work only people whose integrity is without fault, thus providing an assurance of total confidentiality.

We suggest to our clientele that they communicate to our agency only information that is strictly necessary towards the proper outcome of their encounter; as such, we promptly recommend to our clients to never communicate personal information to our models.

In the same spirit, the models collaborating with the Travel Lady agency are under no circumstances authorized to transmit their personal information to our clientele. In the eventuality of personal information communicated or used abusively by either of the parties, Travel Lady shall decline all responsibility.


The custom during encounters with our models is that fees be paid before the rendering of pre-established services. We thank you for conforming to this practice, which will allow you to more fully profit from exquisite moments in the company of your charming partner.
Using down payment, you will pay it over bank transfer, credit card or any other solution that you agreed previously with Travel Lady agency.
Travel Lady proposes you pay in cash the balance (agreed rate – down payment) in Euros (or equivalent in CHF or USD), any other payment mode has to be discussed in advance with the agency. We also accept various credit cards or other modes of payment. If you wish to make use of another currency or a card payment mode, please informer us of this when finalizing your reservation.
A 10% surcharge is systematically applied to all credit card payments. In case of cancellation, no reimbursement will done.
For sojourns by our models abroad, accommodations and subsistence allowances will be charged exclusively to the client, and only travel conditions, accommodations and subsistence allowances in total agreement with our agency’s high standards and the standing of our models will be accepted.


Cancellation is always possible. As every situation is different it will be a discussion between the management of Travel Lady and the client.


For longer distances or for short or long trips, please consult with us to specify the most realistic reservation duration, taking into account the planned destination and availability of the model concerned.
Since some of our models are highly requested, we recommend you plan ahead of time in making reservations.


It is strictly forbidden to incite our models to make use of narcotics or medication. Similarly, please do not encourage our models to consume an excessive amount of alcohol.
It is strictly forbidden to film or photograph our models without their formal authorization.
In the eventuality one or more of the above warnings are not headed, our models can put an end to an encounter immediately. Under such circumstances, the client cannot request a refund for services.
Should any doubts or arguments arise, please contact us without delay and we will do our utmost to find a quick and satisfying solution, allowing you to maintain a pleasant and long-lasting relationship with our agency.
The tribunal of jurisdiction determined by the place of administrative residence of Travel Lady agency shall preside over any legal proceedings.